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Know the Sailors: Samuel Gonçalves

Samuel Gonçalves, Niterói-Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Highest SSL Ranking: 12

Samuel has been competing as crew for Lars Grael in recent years and recently the young Brazilian has enjoyed tremendous success with Lars, winning the Bacardi Cup and, just a month before the SSL Finals, Lars Grael & Samuel Gonçalves won the Star World Championship in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Samuel is a product of Instituto Rumo Náutico, known in Brazil as ‘The Grael Project’, the dream of a group of sailors led by Brazilian Olympic medallists and World Champions, Torben and Lars Grael, to teach children from Brazil how to sail. Over 4000 kids have come through the project and now they have a world champion: Samuel Freitas Moraes Gonçalves. Lars Grael & Samuel Gonçalves will be comepting in the SSL Finals in Nassau, this December.


SSL: If you weren’t a sportsperson, what would you be ?
SG: Pastor, because I love God and want to pass this love on by helping people.

SSL: What is the greatest sacrifice you have had to make in order to achieve success?
SG: To put on 20kg to sail as a crew in the Star class.

SSL: What animal fascinates you?
SG: The eagle, because he can fly higher than all the other animals and has a vision of 360 degrees.

SSL: What kind of a person makes you angry?
SG: People who do evil to others.

SSL: What kind of person makes you happy?
SG: People who love God.

SSL: What was is your favourite memory from another sport?
SG: Derek Redmond’s Emotional Olympic Story – Injury Mid-Race in the 1992 Barcelona Olympics.

SSL: What book inspires you?
SG: The Bible, because it shows the truth of who we are.

SSL: Is there any specific technique you use when competing to help motivate yourself ?
SG: I try to think that I’m doing it for God, then, I always try to do my best, not only in sports, but in my life.

SSL: If you could invite people through history for dinner, who would you choose?
SG: My family and friends.

SSL: How many Golds/World Championships is ‘enough’?
SG: None. I do not sail for results, I sail because I love sailing. The results are the consequence.


SSL: A child asks you if Santa Claus is real, what do you say?
SG: I tell the truth.

SSL: If you could have a super hero special power what would it be?
SG: Able to love all people, just as Jesus Christ loves the church.

Fonte: Star Sailing League

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